Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Natural Born Killers

I witnessed a multiple murder this morning – right here in my home.

The victims were deliberately chosen and gleefully slaughtered. One poor soul tried to crawl away. Others came to his aid and tried to get the victim into a van to take him to a medic. All were slaughtered as well. In that van was a child. The child suffered a serious stomach wound. Pause on that image for a moment. In the killers own words “it was their fault for bringing a kid with them”

The only reason we know of this incident was the injured man was a reporter. As I watched, in my mind, I remembered the words of the late Bill Hicks. He said that America was the bully of the world. He compared their foreign policy to the scene from Shane, when the gunslinger threw a gun at the feet of a poor rancher with the fateful words “pick up the gun.” Remember those words if you watch the video.

What manner of men are these? What do their families think of when they send them off to war and celebrate their return from a job-well-done? Don’t try to rationalise it with the “war is hell” bullshit. Been there and seen that. “Collateral damage” my arse – butchered civilians is more accurate. The propaganda press urges the American people to support their troops. Agreed – bring them fucking home! See how you like it when they’re roaming their own neighbourhoods.

At least they don’t claim to be the most moral army in the world – The IDF has trademarked that one already. Speaking of our favourite little satanic mosh pit – they are getting you all plumped up for another bright and jolly little war. I’m not one for trusting in polls but it looks like the devil has you right where he wants you. If you light this match may heaven have mercy on you –no one else will give it.


  1. Gotcha C, Yepp it is evil at work alright. Have you seen the latest out of Wikileaks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkjiDYh8kGU&feature=player_embedded

  2. Yep. That’s the one linked at the start of the post. I linked to the ICH posting as you don’t need to register with Youtube to watch and it is the full clip from Wikileaks.

  3. Ahh that'll teach me for scanning your post whilst working on something else. I caught these gems earlier. Have you seen them?



    You have to wonder just what beleif systems these guys have bought into?

  4. These aren’t examples of poor fire discipline by NATO forces. It is the deliberate murder of civilians. These barbarians are doubly condemned by their deliberate attempt to cover-up their actions. See this article also.

    This new wave of atrocity stories are only to be expected after McChrystal was appointed. His “speciality” is in counterintelligence ops. – the murder of civilians with an eye to blaming local forces. Get the natives shooting at one another and the pressure is off the invaders. That’s the plan.

    It is a rerun of the sparking of the Iraqi civil war. I remember the incident when 2 SAS/Intel types were captured in southern Iraq by local puppet government troops. There were armed to the teeth, dressed as locals and had just shot up a local market. The Brits had to send in armour to rescue them.

    Hell isn’t hot enough for them.

  5. They do that in every war as General "crazy" Lemay said there are no innocent civilians, they elected the government we are attacking and they support it.

    Dresden and other civilian cities were bombed in Germany, five million starved and froze to death behind barbed wire, 123,000 AfriKaners were starved in camps in South Africa, the British attacked the families of Americans who fought the revolutionary war against the crown, while they were off fighting.

    Right now American soldiers are vetted by asking them if they have a problem shooting their country man if ordered. I am sure the answer is oh hell no boss as long as there is Heineken at the EM club.

    Bombing those wedding parties is the cat's ass when it comes to population control.

  6. I forgot to say Chucky when they get back home their families say thank you for you service to help us stay free. They hate our freedom. Don't make ti too complicated, keep it simple. It is great phraseology the 70 I. Q. types can use.


  7. I heard that the reason they’re called grunts is that’s the limit of their vocabulary.

  8. I thinks what really appalled me about the video was the commentary. I know that the same attitude was displayed by troops in Vietnam, Korea and World War II. Dehumanising the enemy is the first objective in permitting their wholesale slaughter.

    Engaging soft targets (people )with a 20MM automatic cannon from over a mile away does not constitute combat. The trend for many decades has been to open the range between US soldiers and the “enemy”. At least in those campaigns the troops had to be “In Theatre” – with some inherent risk. Not anymore. As Cindy Sheehan writes in an article - SlayStation;

    As I hinted in the main post, the Zio-cons are nearly at the completion of their plan to strike at an imaginary Haman. It will be a real interesting time for those deployed when they meet an enemy who loves to close the range and get up close and personal – backed up with real weapons.

  9. I bumped into a couple for you. I highly recommend this one.


    "In the myriad worlds so much is done by hidden gods, but the world of humanity is different. By a rare exception, there, on Earth, deity is wonderfully revealed. On Earth nature is the revelation of a supernatural presence. How can this be so? The earth story is about divinity revealed to humankind by Sophia, a Goddess who fell from heaven…. "

    This is interesting also. Kazar/Edomites among the ancient Isrealites.


    The Edomites were in Israel when the JEWS were in Israel. King Herod which was not a JEW was an Edomite. They dwelled amongst the JEWS, ate with the JEWS adopted their practices, culture etc. Later when Titus besieged Jerusalem and killed the Israelites and sold the younger ones to the Ethiopians, Arabs, and Egyptians.
    The Edomites who resided in Israel, later proclaimed themselves to be the house of ISRAEL, and are now recognized as Israel today by the majority of the world.]

    Who killed Abel? Who is killing Adam's children today, trying to gain a birthright they never had?

    The same criminals are conditioning the world by psy-ops like the Port Arthur Massacre, Waco Texas shootings, Oklahoma Bombing, the Locherbie Air disaster, "National Disaster Alarm" advertisements on Sydney radio and a whole raft of conspiracies. Believe it, or not.

  10. DM, I know that you are better read on this than I am but my impression is that the modern name “jew” is a shortening of the term “Judean”. Even in the time of birth of Christianity they were singled out as liars and imposters. John called them on it when he called them the ”Synagogue of Satan”. If there ever was a covenant between the Hebrews and their god it has long since been repudiated.

    The pretenders to that name are the Asiatic Khazar converts to the practices of the Pharisees and the Talmud. What a demonic plot for these invaders to lay claim in the name of their “god” and to murder the true bloodline and descendants of the house of Israel.

  11. Of course you are right Chucky the only thing I was pointing out is, let us say there was a pole shift and someday the survivors dug through the rubble of Los Angels or London and came to the conclusion the whole thing was a giant Khazar/Sabbatean civilization, wow there must have been hundreds of millions of them.

    I am just saying this would correlate to what happened in Palestine.

  12. You could be right DM – especially if any of them are still around to infect academia again (grin).

    I know that Mike Rivero over on WRH really gets a hard on when rubbishing the archaeological claims of the modern Pharisees to Palestine. The claim to the location of the 2nd temple is based on a pomegranate seemingly!! LMAO.

    I’ve been ready some of the articles from A.P over at twelfth bough and she really tore the Sabbateans up for toilet paper. It kind of fits why the Zionists worked hand in glove with the 3rd Reich – payback and offerings for their big shoah sacrifice – in their plans to conquer Palestine. The Khazars have no idea that much of Rothschildlandia is destined to be glowing green glass pretty soon. Sabbateans – a fifth column inside a fifth column!

  13. Word ver on the last one


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  15. LOL

    That’s why I put up my v words over at Les’s place – some real crackers

    Blogger telling us to “let my people go?” (grin)

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  17. Thank you DM. I’m right on track. My first born came along 2 weeks after my 30th birthday

  18. I’m currently reading Kaminski on who brought the slaves to America – guess who as usual.


  19. "Congratulations on the new edition, your first born will definitely live in interesting times.

    Barbara Clow writes some pretty interesting books. She claims to have accessed her lifetime as the prophet Issiah and talks about the all seeing eye in the temple made of lapis. " That was in signet of Atlantis. She has done a lot of traveling and always urges the islanders to stick with their native religions.