Friday, 12 March 2010

All the free men are lost at sea

So you think we are losing our freedoms do you. If I said that point was passed centuries ago you would think I’m exaggerating or simply nuts (I may be a wing nut but that’s a topic for another day).

Modern governments are full of lawyers busily making legislation that we are expected to follow. We think that if we petition our legislatures and lobby our political parties that we can influence “our” governments. WRONG

These entities – governments, political parties, MP’s, courts etc - are ALL corporations. The corporations are not taking over as they have ALWAYS been in charge. We are merely their employees.

Most of us were sold into this slavery by our nearest and dearest – our parents. They proudly take their newborn bundle of joy down to the registrar’s office and conscript them. The parents think they are merely noting the child’s birth but the registry official dutifully notes the creation of a new person. A person is a legal fabrication. It is not a flesh and blood man or woman. It does not exist but it is bound by the policies of the corporation and its legislation. The parents have effectively just registered their child as an employee of the corporation. In doing so they have passed title ownership of the child to the state.

Think on that for a moment.

The biggest scam is when we are tricked into representing this person in the legal system. This is where it starts to get weird. Modern courts conform to Uniform Commercial or Civil Code and operate under Admiralty or Maritime jurisdiction. If there is a flag hanging in the court it will have a gold border around the outside (a skull and bones might be more honest). Maritime law is universally used worldwide.

Here goes....The judge is the ship’s captain and the defendant appears in the dock(hint). The defendant is presented as the ship’s cargo and is added to the manifest. After you acknowledge the judge/captain’s authority you’re stuffed. This helps explain why a judge can do what he/she damn well pleases in their courtroom.

No I am not smoking anything weird. This shit has been going on for centuries. The reason we don’t know about this is that they speak their own language – legalese. Everyone in the court systems – the lawyers, barristers, court reporter – know this. They will not tell non-legal people as they are sworn not to. Lawyers do this when they are “called to the bar” or they “pass the bar”.

I recently fell into this rabbit hole and I’m just starting to find my way around and more importantly learn the language. I am deadly serious about this. Our current governments and courts can only function through our consent to be governed. The most revolutionary act we can do is to refuse and withdraw our consent.

I am only scratching the surface with this post. There are more of us waking and help groups are forming. I strongly urge watching the embedded videos. The works of John Harris in Britain and Winston Shrout in the States have been my first point of contact. The same principal applies in Australia. To gain a better understanding of common law check out this link.

There are sites in the UK and the US where practical help and organisation can be found. If the idea of knowing the law is boring or dull, you could not be more wrong. Real resistance is taking place and results are possible.

I enjoyed this one also and yes you have seen the speaker before.


  1. Thanks for the archaeology link, Chucky. Fits in with the fact we have been lied to 24/7 our entire lives about everything.

    Been out of action for a few days and shall be for a few more.

    This article looks interesting as well. Will read up over the weekend.



  2. You are very welcome. I try to not take everything at face value but it does help to add another piece in the big puzzle. Our knowledge of the ancient civilisations is under examination in light of new work. Carbon 14 dating is one area whereby assumptions made by scientists had led to an understanding that many of our current theories on the past may no longer hold true.

    I hope you are feeling better soon.


  3. C I remember DIcke explaining admiralty and the significance of yellow bordered national flags in US court rooms and the meaning as you outline above. I have tried to get a handle on why US forces in the invasion of Iraq were on an admiralty mission in the FUCKING desert and had their yellow bordered national flags back to front on their uniforms. Code for something but I haven't cracked it yet.

  4. Howdy INCOMING!!!.

    This whole topic is very counter-intuitive. That does not mean I dismiss any aspect of it. John Harris’ video does an excellent job explaining the overall structure.

    I had not read that one on the troop emblems. If that is the case then Iraq was invaded by a corporation pretending to be a national state. Seeing as the majority of the occupation forces were mercenaries - oops contractors – then they are taking the piss and rubbing our noses in it with a wee private joke for the insiders.

    The gold border was added to the American flag when the USA was declared bankrupt in 1934 – that’s when they tried to steal all the privately held gold. They introduced the social security apparatus and everyone had to be “registered”. The same system was introduced in the UK – national insurance number etc. Both countries do trade as publicly listed corporations.

    This is much as I can be definite on at this stage as I don’t want to sound half arsed on something I’m not 100% on. This site is an interesting social networking spot for those who want to know more and do something practical in the UK.

    Without wanting to sound like a DIcke, I have read various bits on the Temple Bar in the City of London. I find it is interesting that 3 cities have Egyptian obelisks as well as being cities out-with normal national sovereignty - The Vatican, The City of London (has its own mayor!) and Washington DC.

  5. I came across the fact years ago that lawyers swear an oath to the crown. All of the bars in the western world are under the London Charter.

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  7. Absolutely hysterical DM, in more ways than one. I only lasted about 60 seconds before switching it off. I am used to the male of the species so it was even more to disturbing to watch the loving maternal side of the Vampyre Khazaris tribe.

    These monsters murder men, women and children. They proceed to cut up and sell off the body parts for profit and they still profess to be the victims. Sickening.


  8. That one cracked me up too. Somebody on one of the links to twelfthbough had it on their site. That is academy award material right there. I stuck that one on my front page.

    The dog has been a hoot lately. Snippets and Snappits as well as the bough have been in overdrive also.

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  10. Brilliant! Thanks for the "reminder". Keep it up.
    Here is another explanation...A bit more involved, and more from the British viewpoint:

  11. Worth a look

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  14. Thanks for the video Timster. The creator of the video seems a very “hands on” sort. Very interesting stuff when you get your teeth into it.

  15. Hello again DM. I like Fred’s writings also. He was away on holiday for a few months. It is good to see he is back to writing.

    I’m not sure about the aangirfan article as I normally find the articles there informative (enjoy would be an inappropriate word to use).

    Les Visible’s name of Rothschildlandia is very apt.
    The hands that have guided the Israhell state have moved the fate of other nations for centuries. There is always room for the elite in America to have been hip deep in this monstrosity but many of the “operatives” were closely linked to the chosen tribe.

  16. The box always comes up on your site warning of adult content. It gives the appearnce it is some type of porno site before you even read anything here which it is not. I would seriously consider removing the adult content warning.

    Angirfan certainly delves into the gruesome side of things. A site I have grown to like lately is the twelfbough. Peasant is good at bringing the news with a twist of humor. Haven't seen you over at the dog lately.

  17. I know it can seem that way DM. Blogger is notorious for clamping down on anti-jewish writing. The less opportunity that the whiners have the better. It may seem like a form of self censorship but I’m not too bothered. I’ll give it a go and I’ll keep an up to date backup in case the megaphone squad start their nonsense.

    You are right and I have added a link to Peasant’s blog on my blog list. I try to not have too much in that area on the blog layout. She does add a human touch. I see her posts sometimes over at nobody’s blog.

    Aangirfan is a fascinating blog and (of late) a horrific one. Not sure where the posts come from but they have really shone a light under some very dark rocks of late. The suppressed Holly Greig paedophile scandal and cover-up here in Scotland and the many, many others really sicken me.

    I still follow LV’s blogs and I’m pleased to see you put up more comments of late. Drop me a line if you want to chat. I try to hold off on my comments until I have something that I feel will enhance the conversation. There were a couple of posts on the Irish recently but I try to not bite on every mention.

    The one fly in the ointment is Veritas6969. I still don’t have him figured out but his tone is so bloody negative to the other posters. He did have one really positive post recently and I nearly commented on that but that would be petty. Maybe it’s like the good old days in Belfast, you don’t have the like the people you fight alongside but it can really help.

    On another tack DM, I have been having some really intense dreams for the last 10 days or so. They are like a series of intense learning/decision making dreams. By the time I wake up after having revisited the same dream 3 or 4 times the details are hard to retain. Are you picking up on anything?

  18. I will email you.

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  21. They are 2 truly appalling stories DM. It reminds me of this one from the Incogman

    It sometimes seems that Crowley’s law rules “Do want thou will shall be the whole of the law”. Many people seem to exist in a relativistic morality play. There is no moral compass and no sense of individual responsibility. That has been the plot for western nations for many years.

    I think this links to Les’s article on the current Vatican stories and why it was so valuable. There is a reason for the timing. The Vatican is being deliberately crushed under the amassed weight of its own corruption. At the same time we exist in a society where soft porn sells sneakers and our children are reduced to commodities – complete with their own line in sexy clothing.

    There will be a social backlash against all this. The Protocols of Zion and Albert Pike’s warning are explicit on the intended road map. You know all this DM and we both know it isn’t going down that way. For anyone reading this that doesn’t, it is well worth looking it up.


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  23. Excellent article DM. I’m really starting to like her writings

  24. Chucky Bholonath sent these. These are a must read, some of the best I have ever read. They deal with Kundalini Force and the Reptilian agenda.