Monday, 1 March 2010

Perverts in High Places

I have been attempting to write this post for nearly 3 weeks. The contents are extremely unpalatable and the implications profound. Les Visible talks about a phenomenon of synchronicity. Maybe the delay in writing helped me to see some recent articles that bring it all together. I would like to thank nobody’s blog for 3 excellent and disturbing articles and their linked material.

I have run across a lot of links recently on the web highlighting the vile activities of organised paedophile rings with high placed cover. It seems that it there has been a widespread history of organised rings that engage in sexual (and ritual) abuse of children, child trafficking and murder. Then they use their connections and their positions of influence to prevent investigation or media coverage.

When I was growing up in Belfast the Kincora scandal broke cover. The leaders of the Kincora boys home had been sexually abusing the children there with the blessing of the British Intelligence services. MI5 had been monitoring the activities of the group and their clients for the purposes of blackmail. The abuse was permitted to continue for a number of years and no action had been taken. The scandal broke but the leads to high placed politicians, judges, church elders and businessmen were never followed and the results of the police investigation were sealed.

More recently were the publicised cases of the Angers trial in France and the Marc Dutroux outrage in Belgium. The Dutroux case was so shoddily investigated and prosecuted that it caused huge public outrage and protests on Belgium. The list does not stop there. Police in Britain and elsewhere ran an investigation called Operation Ore. It seems that not all the police are corrupt as the turning of this stone has shed light on many vile networks. This excellent site lists them and others. It is not for the faint hearted.

Investigations led straight to senior members of the Labour government and the story leaked in the days before the Illegal Iraq War. The story anticipated arrests of highly placed political figure in the Labour government. The government promptly handed out D notices (a practice of overt censorship with severe penalties) and the story vanished – until now. Mike James is a writer I admire for his candour. He had written about this scandal at the time it first surfaced and again today. He takes no prisoners and he names the culprits.

One prominent name is that of former NATO Secretary General George Robertson. Robertson (who is now a member of the House of Lords) was intricately involved in the most brutal mass murder in Scottish legal history. On March 13th 1996 a known paedophile Thomas Hamilton murdered 16 children and their teacher in Dunblane’s nursery school. It was Robertson’s personal glowing reference to the Scottish police that overturned an earlier decision and enabled this animal to receive a gun license. The shock and outrage from this carnage started the campaign which outlawed private handgun ownership in Britain. How bloody convenient. Yet again the records of the investigation have been sealed for 100 years. What is the national security angle here?

Not all of these events are historical. Currently the mother of Holly Greig is struggling to seek justice for the years of torment and abuse at the hands of her father and the ring he was involved in. Indeed Holly’s uncle was murdered in a suspicious car fire and her mother Ann was forcibly drugged and locked up in a psychiatric hospital. The Aberdeen paedophile ring is well connected and has so far stopped any further investigation. They are protected by Elish Angiolini, the Scottish Lord Advocate. Before her promotion in 2000 she was the Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen when she effectively buried the case, seeming to protect a senior Scottish sheriff, Graeme Buchannan. She has reacted to public calls for a full police investigation by pressurising against publication. The BBC had planned an investigation but has dropped the case and reporters were threatened with being sacked. It is thanks to the tireless efforts of reporter Robert Green and others that this case has not been buried. Even arrest and detention for 3 days (for a breach of the peace??) have not deterred him. Here is his narrative of the events.

What are we to make of all this? If you have read the various linked articles you will be now be aware that the stench of corruption goes to the highest levels in Britain, Europe and America. Is this what the powerful and mighty get up to? These sick and twisted monsters may be small in number but they are very well connected. Lurking in the background of these stories are the supposed “secret” services MI5, CIA etc. This stuff is right up the alley of the swamp dwellers. It all boils down to power. Power corrupts and only the corrupt have power. What better way to keep the holders of public office in line to the Globalist Luciferian agenda than to blackmail the perverts and the deviant. Similarly anyone who turns a blind eye to this behaviour in their corrupt ambition to reach the top of the well greased pole is equally snared.

It is easy for the corporate media to take the case of an abused or abducted child and blow it into a huge story. Consequent to that are the new vetting laws that have been introduced here in Britain. Millions of the people vetted and back ground checks all fed into big brother databases. Thus individual tragedies are used to cover-up the work of the filthy rich and their feeder networks who destroy dozens if not hundreds of children’s lives - at the same time the powers wielded against us all is increased. It seems that the word is finally getting out there. The one thing they cannot stand is the bright light of exposure and that is what they will get. The flames of hell will never be hot enough for these bastards.


  1. So many vermin, Chucky. So little rope.

  2. Spot on mate. It’s difficult to teach kids that there are no real scary monsters in the world when you know that these characters are walking around.

    I hope that the case of Holly Greig gets a lot more attention - I have been seeing more about it on the internet recently. When you read her blog site and watch Robert Green’s presentation it really makes your blood boil.

    I must have hit a nerve as the comments have stopped working on my blog – I had to post your comment manually.


  3. C yes this is an interesting development I've been watching bubble away now for a little while. The lines of attack seem to be coming from all angles which in itself tells you that the story appears agenda free. However if you place it in the overall context of the ongoing campaign of destroying our faith in the institutions of government and society it makes sense that it should be released at this time, again.

    BTW some of the noise makers on this story are gun shy when it comes to the REALLY important UK question.

    What is the question? I've framed it several ways, this is one.

  4. Howdy incoming!!! There is that synchronicity again. The “elites” really want to thin out the herd. They can already murder the unborn and now they are after the elderly and infirm. If they can go after the most vulnerable they can go after anyone. At this rate I’m glad my kids and I have blue eyes LOL

    I found it ironic that Shipman was defended by Jonathan King. The chosen tribe does like to stick together. On that note I came across this link on the website.

    The timing feels about right with all over my other reading I have done. The deadline for the implementation of the “Angle Saxon” agenda is tight. They need the power structures in place before the real culling the herd.

    Going back to the post I see a brave soul posted Mike James article on It didn’t take long for the sharks to circle. So many credulous souls on a conspiracy site. I’m shocked – not!


  5. C if you had dug round Shipman when he was big news it would have taken you virually off planet to get the real juice, it was locked down sooo tight.

    If you knocked off hundreds, that is all they will admit to, you need massive cover. I.e. a way of disposing of estates and covering the tracks of the perps. That means every "profession" involved in winding up someone's estate in the Greater Manchester area after death was being lead by a member of a conspiracy to steal by murder. Think it through, how could he have been working and profiting from the scam otherwise?

  6. I can follow you on that one. Lots of shysters’ (plural) inbox were overflowing when the shipman was on duty. What’s a goy supposed to think Incoming!! It sure leaves a fishy smell – gefilte almost.

    I must admit that I missed that one completely – well spotted. Thankfully not all of us were asleep.


  7. Couple of interesting links, Chucky, if you've not seen them before. Came across them after following the links you posted above.

  8. Sure did mate. They were 2 of nobody’s blog links in the article. It was really educating to see a lot of stevieb’s workmates over at the abovetopsecret link I posted for Incoming!!

    I counted at least 4 and possibly 6 of the shills – Tiger5 and JoshNorton for definite. My posts were on the 4th page of comments.

    The more I looked at all the links the more sickened I became and the more occurances there were – hence how long it took to write. The implications of the Casa Pia case must be horrific for the McCann family. There is a protest for the Greig family tomorrow in Edinburgh and I intend to be there.


  9. Sorry folks, I let everyone down and I missed the protest. The venue was moved to the Procurator Fiscal’s office at an earlier time than stated and I didn’t find out in time.

    There is a general election campaign going on here at the moment so it is the perfect time to pin down the politicos and put them on the spot. Also spreading the news by word of mouth to all and sundry.