Tuesday 1 December 2009

Hidden in plain sight

***** UPDATE 11th Dec 09 *****

This is an excellent video from Lord Monckton. He is giving a presentation on the contents of the leaked e-mails and data.


I know that I have already covered this over on my heretics site but I do want to mention Climategate again. We are now 12 days after the dam burst on this wee insignificant story. Many of you reading this will be very aware of it already – the internet has literally exploded with coverage of it. We don’t seem to be seeing much from the usual corporate whores just yet. If you have recently discovered the Internet and would like to catch up, check out Mike Rivero’s site - What Really Happened.

I did catch a short story on the UK’s Channel 4 about a week ago and it was a fair piece but since then zippo – it just fell down Orwell’s famous memory hole. The exception to the rule is Fox News in the US. It has had a number of spots on this. This is weird as Fox has a number of racist Zionism mouthpieces that make Dubya Bush look like a liberal. I’m not sure if this is just a vehicle to have a pop at Barry Soetoro (yo’bama if you didn’t know already) or if they are trying to regain some whiff of credibility back. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that Fox is owned by the world renowned power-crazy, control-freak Rupert Murdock. He owns one of the 6 major media mega-corporations that own and control the world’s news and entertainment. Check this out to give you a clue about the great ZOG octopus of mind control (Click on image to enlarge).

I did not need Rupert to tell me the hidden truth about Climate Change – notice it’s not called Global Warming anymore. I live in sunny Scotland and I don’t need a bloody scientist to tell me it’s colder. I also read about various scientific ideas – just for the fun of it! There have been noticeable changes to the atmosphere of other planetary objects in the solar system. Not much man-made CO2 out there.

The “great and good” will shortly be hooking up in Copenhagen. Their stated aim is to save the world but in essence they will tighten the chains to slavery around the world governments and populations. Taxation - known as cap and trade will be implemented to pay for a global government. That means vast amounts of money for those who control and conduct such a trade. It also means lots of cushy jobs in the beaurocracy of the coming satanic state.

Maybe the powers to be are simply taking the piss. Every night in the lead up to Copenhagen we get lots of pre-planned news stories (most large media stations plan their news slots well in advance of broadcast times). The real breaking story is not among them. The climate change agenda is a massive corporate fraud. Are they just goading those of us who know the truth to take affirmative actions? I see the Danes have introduced a new law to pre-emptively detain people when no law has been broken. I guess that they want to just rattle the hornet's nest - and then stamp out any resistance from extremists and "deniers".

The old Chinese curse comes to mind – may you live in interesting times!


  1. In one of the opening speeches in Copenhagen, the man speaking, missed his name, he looked to be Indian or Pakistani perhaps, passed this exposure as just another illegal act by criminals to avoid changes in their way of life. I mean it was such a demeaning spit of a statement I was amazed. But that is what it was.

    They do NOT want this out. There is too much money riding on it. This is a major component of their enslavement of mankind agenda. However, they won't stop, they want you to know that having a baby that uses up air, is a privilege that must be taxed!

    Next step, they will be telling you if you are a suitable candidate for that baby. They want to tax children, dirty little parasites that they are. They want to tax the air that you breathe. But they also want a reason to make more money from whatever you can think of but will not lighten up their own footprints a jot.

    I remember when I was a kid, like wayyyyy too many years ago joking that someday they would find a way to tax a smile or your air. I thought it was funny then, just speaking in sarcasm. Sigh. I hate being right sometimes.

  2. Hello Noor and thanks for dropping by.

    It is good to see that common sense is a universal quality of the human heart. We made similar jokes back in Ireland also. This is because the English used to levy a window tax on Irish cottages {this was way before even my time (grin)}. That is why the windows were so small with a large whitewash border - to make them appear bigger from a distance. If they can tax light, then water…what next?

    They have declared breathing to be pollution. Next they will say that the best way to reduce pollution is to lower the population. Where does this lead to eventually? Forced sterilization? I believe that many of the vaccines in use in the third world are linked to just that agenda. Can’t have nasty poor people polluting and squatting on all of those precious resources now can we? Dublin Mick’s site has some links on this somewhere.

    You are spot on – they want Climategate to go away. It is far too late for that. They are now reduced to calling anyone interested in factual discussion flat-earthers. The next step is equating us with Holohoax deniers. It just so happens that in my case they are right – they just got the causality wrong.

    I agree that the rapacious use of natural resources cannot continue. It is an unavoidable consequence of a fiat money, fractional reserve debt banking system that must expand exponentially to survive. This is the system that rules this world with a chain-mailed fist. If we break the Rothschild Empire we can live in a society without planned obsolescence. Stopping the Carbon tax and the totalitarian control it will bring is the first step to freedom.