Friday 13 May 2011

Finally Some Good News

I have just read that Anthony John Hill, better know as Muad’Dib, has been declared innocent. He is the author of 7/7 video Ripple Effect and has been in jail in England for nearly 5 months since he was extradited from Ireland.

His ‘crime’ was to send copies of his video to everyone involved in one of ‘The Crown’s ’ terror show trails. For that he was accused of perverting the course of justice and has been hounded ever since.

Well a jury heard an open discussion of 9/11 and 7/7 and watched the video in its entirety. They then went on to acquit him. The truth really cannot be contained

Here’s the video for any who haven’t seen it.


  1. I am for good news anywhere I can find it.

  2. That’s it DM. We can all see the madness around us. It is really nice to pass on some good news. Maybe we should try to pass such things on more often and I don’t mean the ‘fluff’ pieces .

  3. Muad’Dib? Wow, all he needed was a giant worm to ride, or maybe some of that cool drug?

  4. LOL Saladin. I’ll have some of that spice (grin). Thanks for popping by.

    I liked the guy’s work and I really liked the reference to Herbert’s work also. Maybe that for him is what Tolkien represents for me. There is a lot of symbolism in both the trilogies.

    It is a bloody disgrace what the man has been through. I am ashamed that the court of cowards in Ireland enabled this persecution by extraditing him in the first place.

    I take heart that he took the stand and calmly in his own words ripped the false flags for soiled toilet paper that they are. It’s also now on the ‘official’ court proceedings.

    I get a feeling that the ability of the evil empire to enforce its power on daily life is slipping. Who knows what’s next? The whole global War of Terror is a house of cards and the foundations are weakening.

  5. Hey Chuckyman,..Excellent News, after the travesty of a conviction against that poor old man John Demjanjuk who the yids and their shills found guilty of taking part in 28,000 murders; what a joke. Even the yids in israhell released him because of OVERWHELMING evidence indicating "mistaken identity"; they let him go so that their bought & paid for lackeys in Europe could lynch him outside israhell. Seems all they got from the Germans was a "charge" and release, Haa haa! It seems to me the uncooperative Germans are up for some punishment by israhell, soon.


  6. That is good news, the way it happened is really cool!
    When I hear of a terror attack involving Muslims, then I know it's fake. They need a new scapegoat, the Muslim thing is worn out. They should go back to using the Jews. I mean, if there must always be a scapegoat in the world!

  7. Howdy Veritas. John Demjanjuk is a reminder that those marked as the scapegoat for the tribe’s punishment will need eternal vigilance. That’s par for the course for them to pick on the old and infirm. The German legal system is the last place anyone should look to for ‘justice’. Our memory must be equally long when it comes time to pay the piper.

  8. Hello and welcome Genie. The sleeping public can always surprise when the truth is laid out on a platter for them. It’s a pity that it only happens to a few at a time.

    You are correct that a new scary enemy must be propped into view. That will need to be soon as it will be needed for the presidential campaign season. I wish they would just post the presidential race up on eBay – it would certainly be more honest.

    I think the Rothschilds have a special fate for their pet psychopaths in Israhell. I won’t shed a single tear in that case. No matter which country gets picked for the ‘special’ treatment we must not let the sheep get marched off to their slaughter. Not this time.

  9. Interesting in light of V’s mention of John Demjanjuk’s case this is some interesting information from Pat Buchannan.

  10. Found a cool site, check it if you haven't already.
    No beating around the bush there!

  11. Cheers Saladin and its good to hear from you. That’s a cracking good site. With that much info on the khazars we should really download a copy. It won’t be long for the tribe nobble it.

  12. I guess it can always get crazier.

    It pays to check fire earth now and then. Gobi desert is blowing huge sand storms everywhere and they are reaching the east coast of Japan and laying down sand.

  13. Hey Chuckyman,...I've just Posted that Demjanjuk piece, with appropriate accreditaySHONS of course.

    Aren't they weak pricks, huh?


  14. Chucky
    I have some good news. (grin) Vivos the bunker building outfit selling a range of bunkers for the dark times ahead said it was considering buying a two-story bunker constructed for the British government in 1990 in rural Scotland. No word on what the price of a piece of the action will be.

    Other good news is fox correspondent Tom Lyden is assuring everyone that there is nothing going on, what we see happening around us is perfectly normal and we can disregard the tin foil hatters. No explanation of what this fellow's background is to warrant such advice. He probably went to Yale journalism school. But relax, just be happy nothing to worry about.

    So the good news is where you find it I guess! grin
    The bad news is China's Zinhuanet says the japanese reactors were taken out by the quake long before the tidal wave got there.

  15. Hi Veritas and sorry for the delay – long bloody day.

    Many thanks – I had just hoped it would help with the discussion. The pricks have hounded that man for many years and they know its all bullshit - all this to keep the holohoax going.

    He sure is a survivor V. They have been trying to kill him since the ‘30’s and they still can’t get it right. Pretty typical behaviour for bullies and cowards don’t you think?

  16. With my luck DM I would build a bunker in the worst possible location. I already live near a dockland area that the Ruskies used to target back in the day. There was a major command and control bunker about a mile away that they ‘decommissioned’ about 10 years ago – maybe that’s it (grin).

    I always think of the scene from the end of National Lampoon’s Animal House. The one with the ROTC idiot shouting ‘don’t panic’ as the mob runs over the top of him. Yep… nothing to see here folks – everything’s under control.


    I see where U.K.s most "eminent" scientist is ready to cash in his chips and says there is no life after the brain flickers that is the end of it and heaven is a fairly tale for those afraid of the dark. I suspect that will be the case for him. Spoken like a true Cambridge man. I am always amazed that egg heads like thise who have performed a few experiments and read a few equations can make such announcements.

    It is a shame that Amazon canoe carvers understand more about the spiritual world than Cambridge's finest.

  18. He has made a few statements like this recently DM. This is a man that believes in supernatural entities – some call them black holes. He has the audacity to deny faith?

    It is depressing to see a great intellect disappear up his own arse. I’m sure he’s been put up to it. The man is a rolling advertisement for the care of the disabled and has undermined his own cause immeasurably.

    I’m sorry if that sounds harsh but there it is. In a cold, rational ‘scientific’ society he would not even be with us. By scientific read psychcopathic as per this article;

    Compassion, love of others and tolerance are not scientific – or profitable. I wonder if Steven’s words are even his any more. Who could tell and when was his last public appearance?

  19. Chucky I have some pretty good news here if this is correct. See what you think. It is more on that "hall of records". And it is kind of scientific, you will like that.

  20. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  21. Thank you sewa mobil and thanks also for dropping by.


    The Aso caldera erupts again in Japan

  23. It sho is an electrical universe. Remember the movie transformers?

    There seems to be another story making news, that of transformers blowing up all around the country. California medical centers, Delaware, kansas, Missouri, Carolinas, Georgia, Oregon, Ohio Connecticut, New Jersey, Pakistan, Texas, Alabama, Illinois, India, Michigan, New York, New Zealand, almost everywhere etc.

    Underground transformers blow up and send man hole cover into back of bus.,0,5831729.story?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

    It is that Mayan 9th wave solar particle. You can't bs the Mayans! Rolf-Dieter Heuer director of CERN told Britain's Royal Society they may find the God particle soon. They are looking for the God particle and the God particle is also looking for them. Interesting.

    On the reactor deal we all had it pretty close to begin with

  24. I would like to see one of those survey sites that show the Earth’s actual magnetic field strength and polarity at the moment. Lots of weirdness going on.

  25. Houston we have other problems, namely proliferating sink holes.
    Sinkholes everywhere
    Wisconsin sink holes (one end of the madrid fault, Gulf of Mexico the other)
    Earthquake related sink holes in Arkansas
    Mississippi sink hole closes roads
    Sink Holes in Micigan
    Homes in San Antonio being evacuated due to sink holes
    Sink holes in Atlanta
    The entire eastern half of the U.S. may co
    Sink holes in Florida tripled since 2006…9.html?ref=809
    School bus drives into Florida sink hole
    Giant hole next to home in China
    Residents of 8 homes flee in Oregon

    We could go on with this but you get the picture. It is called a change in the gravitational field of the earth.

  26. A bit windy over there I hear. Are you doing alright?

  27. Fun and games all over DM – as I’m sure you know. I just spent the last day and a half helping a mate fix a roof. 2 poor souls died yesterday when it was at it’s worst. I appreciate that is nowhere near as bad as the events in the US

  28. Chucky
    I have never seen anything like it. In Florida we normally get a thunderstorm everyday this time of year but we are in a severe drought right now. I mean it is like the desert. We are getting about one small rain a month. All the storms are north of me heading toward Kenny's area. The grass is drying up because they won't let you water but once a week.

  29. Good one to watch for what is coming.

  30. Bad news

    That is right sports fans Pepsi is using aborted fetal cells in flavor enhancers. They are used in by Nestle and Kraft Foods. Are you beginning to get the picture? The Frankenstein monster has escaped the castle and is running free along with Dr. Frankenstein. What is next the legalization of cannibalism? Apparently there is big dollars in child murder! I don’t drink them, haven’t for decades. I am wondering if anyone who does has developed a taste for human flesh yet?

    Welcome to the world of Mad Max, The Road and Soylent Green!

  31. Hi DM. I read that story last night and my jaw dropped. I even sent it to my wife. The depth of depravity involved in such behaviour is appalling.

    How did the makers of fizzy drinks get so big and how could the soulless little bastard that OK’d the use of foetal cells for taste tasting sleep at night.

    Think about it – they use the cells from murdered foetuses to develop poisons to feed to the living – with fizzy drinks aimed at the young.

    Fuck me - what a world we live in.

  32. I have the best news I have ever sent you Chucky, I am working up a post on this. It is similar to the Mayans. It is going down, we are entering the the golden age! Matter is being changed, this from a Russian scientist. It is what the Mayans are saying but they are not afraid of it.

  33. Chucky
    You have to be tough to live in Florida. 10 year old boy attacked by 6 foot gator dives on his back and gets him in a head lock, dragging him home to the front yard where the game warden was called.