Friday 9 July 2010

We got ourselves a reader

On 9th August 1971 British forces acting on the orders of their puppet regime in Stormont launched Operation Demetrius. This action has more commonly come to be known as Internment without trial. The British re-enacted existing legislation and the operation’s intention was to “shock and stun” the nationalist population. Sound familiar?

At 4:00AM British troops invaded nationalist areas and 350 men were dragged from their homes, in many cases from their beds. Many areas were placed under military curfew and locked down. One notorious event was the Ballymurphy Massacre. 10 civilians including a local priest were murdered – 5 months before the event of Bloody Sunday in Derry.

The brutality meted out to the internees is well documented. The “intelligence” used was so poor that most of the men seized were innocent and many were leaders of the non-violent civil rights movement or trade union activists. Less well known was the practice where 7 men - guinea pigs -were selected for special interrogation techniques – torture.

Why do I bring up these events? It is to remind everyone that the British government does not believe in fair play and a stiff upper lip. It never has and still maintains the Imperialist instincts from centuries of hands-on practice. All of the powers used then are still in place and have even been expanded upon.

If you think that these sorts of things only happened in the dim, uncivilised past you are dangerously deluding yourself. The usual reaction of the sheep is to recite the litany that these actions are to protect “our safety.” Sure they are, go back to sleep. You’ll never get it until your own front door is smashed down and you or your fathers, brothers or sons are dragged away to an uncertain fate. Once witnessed it is never forgotten.

Consider the case of Babar Ahmad. Basically he was guilty of reading. Yep, we got ourselves a reader. An obvious danger to the public don’t you think? He was arrested in a pre-dawn raid (timing is the key) by the
Gestapo Terrorist police in December 2003. They beat him enough to cause bleeding from the ears and in his urine - not just a “few slaps”. They made such a mess of him that they couldn’t charge him on the usual trumped up nonsense.

After they let him out they decided to let Big Brother – literally – have a go. Obligingly the American’s demanded his extradition on the grounds of – wait for it - possession of a tourist brochure. Damn, a reader who might like to travel – hanging is not good enough for these monsters!!

In March 2009 he was awarded £60,000 for his treatment during his initial arrest described as 'grave abuse, tantamount to torture.' Despite that Babar is still in jail. The forces of the state are still doing all in their vindictive power to send him to the US – with all that entails.

In case you think this is a rarity, I know of one case in Ireland where a man (Owen Carron) was locked up for over a year on remand for the possession of “explosive material” – a box of matches.

So what I hear you say. The statues (not laws remember) are still on the book. Babar’s ordeal occurred before the staged London bombings. Bush’s war on Islam was still openly unpopular here. There have been many similar cases of innocent Muslim men locked up on the flimsiest excuses.

Parallel to these developments, the police and secret services have been complicit in murder (John Charles de Menezes) and torture around the globe – Guantanamo, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Former British Ambassador Craig Murray has been forthright and vocal on this topic.

The British public has been “treated” recently to 2 recent shooting incidents. Murdock’s tabloid press have howled about the lack of public protection. Gradually the public are becoming accustomed to the sight of Black Kevlar dressed policemen complete with armoured cars. Reminds me of a song we used to sing. These protectors will replace the traditional “bobby” or community police – just as the SWAT teams have replaced normal police officers in the US.

The state and the faceless vampires that control it are ready. Last year they were preparing for a “summer of anger”. It was merely a dry run for this year. The new coalition in power is daily announcing massive government spending cuts and austerity measures. Eventually even the sleeping herd will sense what has taken place.

All it takes is a spark. It could come from mass protest or from another false flag and the state will move against any that oppose it. Remember the events of August 1971 – the Irish certainly do. The year following Internment saw the fiercest reaction and revolution in all the years of the recent “troubles”.

You didn’t seem to mind when they rounded up the Muslims. What will you do when they come to round up the rest of the readers?


  1. Yes C. the boys in the Big Room are colour blind and egalitarian alright. It doesn't matter who you are, get in their way and you die.

    Godless heathen in their temples in the Floating City, worshipping golden idols could not stand the fact that the Irish knew that their oppressors were pagan.

  2. It adds an extra twist to the Bishopsgate banger. Do you think they still hold a grudge?

  3. Quote: ......."You didn’t seem to mind when they rounded up the Muslims. What will you do when they come to round up the rest of the readers?"

    And don't think it won't happen. Excellent article Chuckyman. Solzynytsyn said that when it began in Russia people hid away and were grateful it wasn't them. Millions disappeared into the gulags.

    "What would have happened", he asked, "if people had acted more like men and murdered a few of the bastards when they began to try it on?"

    A very different outcome for certain. Maybe something like this:

  4. Thanks Chucky.

    You are definitely on my Required Reading list. Ooops. Dammit. Given myself away as a reader.

    Been thinking a bit about those evil SOB's at Google. They are surely playing a part in all this, with their camera shots of everyone's home, their massive data bases of all our internet searches, web sites visited, Blogger entries, YouTube comments and vids posted, emails and God knows what else the assholes own/control in cyberspace.

    When the brain-dead Kevlar suited troglodytes come a-knocking they'll know exactly what our front doors look like, courtesy of the "Do No Evil" liars at Google. That Big Lie thing must be a part of their DNA.


  5. Thank you Kev. I wrote part of this with early childhood memories in mind. My memories of that period were nothing special or unique compared to anyone else in our area. I consider it the start of my education.

    Aleksandr Isayevich’s thoughts have also stayed with me through the years. We were fortunate that we had a strong unified community. When the army raids were taking place many of the women in the community would bang bin lids on the ground to alert everyone in the neighbourhood.

    I think that if such a unified response were to be recreated that it would really imitate the ‘elites’. That may seem a pipe dream in our current climate but it is not without precedent. As Benjamin Franklin put it “We must hang together or assuredly we shall hang separately.”

    The real message it that an innocent man, Babar Ahmad, languishes in prison and has no idea when his torment will end. My thoughts go to him and his family.

    PS I love that video clip.

  6. Yippee HistorysBBB - that makes at least 4 regulars (grin). Seriously I appreciate the reassurance that I’m not talking to the wall.

    I remember once being harassed by a dumb ass squaddie. As well as the usual questions – name, etc – he asked me what colour of wall paper we had ??!!

    As far as I’m concerned they can hoover up as much data as they want. After a while it gets counterproductive. A lot of it is really only useful for criminal persecution (intentional spelling).

    When they make their move many of society will be on the move or mobile for all sorts of reasons. The whole prison conveyor system will be replaced with judge only (Diplock?) kangaroo courts.

    The main lesson to take from this is to not get picked up in the first sweeps. I guess even talking about this booked me a slot. They have to catch me first – I may be unavailable that day!


    Way down the rabbit hole.

  8. Chip in D'Idaho checkin' in. I spring from a large family of army "brats". Of all my clan I guess I am the one who somehow was spared the abuse that happens growing up military. My five brothers and two sisters were not IMO so fortunate. My life has fairy tale qualities I won't go into. The real shock of learning the truth about My Country did not occur til junior high school, when I found out that my teacher was a paid liar. Of course it was many a rough road to full awakening. There were and are some bruises but mentally and morally I recovered my innocence along the way. Each of us must needs be a project unto one self so stay bright and float above the rising gorge. Dont let them get you down in these hoaxed up calamities and wars. Don't stoop to bickering with mercs. Hear the heavenly choir and be deaf to the sophist game theory minion. They are truly unworthy of notice. Thanks to the real blogrollers, You are scaring the hell out of THEM. Chipster Ahoy

  9. Hello and welcome Chip. Always a pleasure – and a rarity - to hear from a passing soul (grin).

    You were indeed fortunate by escaping the matrix at an early age. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. That sentiment seems so cheesy it should now be patented by Hallmark but it is still a valid truism. Still, if you can’t maintain a sense of humour through it all then you're screwed anyway.

    It took me many years to break free. I may have known the state was the enemy from a young age – a good starting point - but it took me a lot longer to see the bigger picture.

    Ab.ram may have started the rot but in the current age many of us are not afraid to take the red pill – it’s just a pity the rabbit hole just keeps getting deeper.

    A great pointer for me was the late Bill Hicks. I didn’t get it at the time. “It’s all a ride.” We keep the light burning inside but at the end of the day we are here to experience “the ride”.

    I’ll raise a glass tonight in your honour.


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  11. Makow had this effort on his site – from another Mick.

    Yep. They’re just checking how easy the herd is to round up. Luckily “peace protestors” are no training for the real thing.

  12. Incoming I have added you to my blogs in an effort to assure my 40 avid readers do not miss the awesome power of the pen you possess. I might have missed it myself if not for the repping given by Chucky from time to time. Carry on!

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  14. Whuddayouknow my mail has been cut off this moring.

  15. Can I put the full post up as a reference document on WikiSpooks. Duly credited, linked to the WS Babar Ahmed page and categorised under NI and police?

  16. Hello Sabretache. I’m glad to see another fan of A.P’s place stop by.

    My scribbles are freely given so I am glad to share with any that find merit in them.

    I’ve never perused the WikiSpooks site so it might be interesting to wander around it.


  17. C,

    I only set the site up at the end of May so it's early days. A quick chunter around the project pages will make its purpose clear enough. I'm retired now - took the red pill maybe 10 years ago - but remain permanently amazed at the childlike gullibility of the general population that I too spent so much of my life a member of.

    What the Wikispooks site really needs is a few disgruntled Wikipedia authors/editors (people pissed off with the methods employed by WP and the entire MSM to ensure compliance with the official narrative) - or anyone else in broad sympathy and familiar with (or willing to climb a shallow learning curve on) wikitext markup.

  18. Hi C

    The site has only been up since the end of May, so its early days. A quick chunter around the project pages will show what its all about.

    Me? - I took the red pill maybe 10 years or so ago after spending much of my life in the consensus trance. I'm retired now and so spend my time doing what I can - just keep plugging away but often feel I too am "Fogging a dead horse"

    What the site needs is a few disillusioned WikiPedia editors or others not phased by the mild wiki mark-up learning curve. People who are pissed off at the the myriad ways in which 'the official narrative' is imposed on all the MSM - of which WikiPedia is a fully paid up and loyal member.

    It's like farting against thunder most of the time but what else can you do?

  19. OOPS!

    Seem to have posted the same thing - nearly - twice.


  20. No problems Sabretache. I did something similar recently at Timster’s place “How Dare I” and posted a long piece 5 times (grin).

    I know that at times it feels like we are on a Sisyphus-like struggle to perpetually push a rock up a hill but I also believe that every little helps. Many of the outrageous stories that we read daily would never have been covered only 5 years ago.

    My wife recently upbraided me for my arrogance in condemning the mindless herd for failing to see the obvious. People really are waking up and their survival instincts are starting to kick in. I only hope we can steer them away from the obvious patsies that will be presented as the appointed fall guys. I’m a dreamer.

    I like the look of your new site. Case’s like that of Babar Ahmad or Holly Gregg’s must reach a wider audience. I am a humble blogger but if I can help in any way let me know. Otherwise I hope you drop by in future.


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    Interesting little story. Any German built subs in the area?

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  25. I fear this is only the start DM. I’m sure this will be deliberately down-played for as long as they can. My thoughts and prayers for all who will suffer from this are all I can offer.