Tuesday 19 January 2010

Out with the old and in with the new?

Well the New Year has started and seemingly it is just like the last. Or is it?

On a positive note the magnificent volunteers on the Gaza Aid Convoy successfully delivered their aid to the people of Gaza. Their example is an inspiring example that ordinary people can overcome the vampires of this world. They are not resting on their laurels. They intend to sail a flotilla of boats with desperately needed aid supplies directly to Gaza this Spring. Please check out this site and help in any way you can. If you can’t join in any of the events please make a donation.

If we keep the victims of Israeli brutality in mind we examine the current plight of the Haitian people. The history of Haiti since the initial importation of 400,000 African slaves has been one of exploitation. This is a people who were reduced to making cakes from mud and sand last year – such is the crushing poverty there. Now we have a massive influx of the US military under the guise of humanitarian relief.

Naomi Klein wrote a book called “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”. The Globalist gangsters never let a good disaster go to waste. They always move in after any major national catastrophe and use it to impose their own pet regimes, loot the national resources, privatise nationalised industries and create pro-corporate legislation. They do this when the populations of the victim nation are in no state to resist and have done this in every part of the globe since the fall of the Soviet Union – they even did it the Russians and their neighbours.

The current media barrage of coverage will be used to legitimise the invasion of yet another country. Watch as the stories go from aid relief to security concerns and then on to regime change. The US has been changing the regime in Haiti for decades and obviously not for the betterment of the civilian population so far.

It is not widely known but Haiti is one of the major hubs for the trans-shipping of narcotics into the USA. Now they have 10,000 US combat troops in a country that is effectively blockaded with US warships. The country may as well be landlocked as not many refugees will get off the island that way. Lots of troops and lots of drugs - shades of Afghanistan come to mind.

I mention the Shock Doctrine for a reason. We are accustomed in the West to seeing mostly black and brown victims of this vile form of tyranny. That will soon change as the fiat money systems in the industrialised economies of the West grind to a halt this year. All the talk of economic recovery is merely the sound of the band playing on the deck of the Titanic.

The economies of the West have been hollowed out by the bankers and other globalist scum. They now plan to crash the current system which has reached its maximum mathematical limits and replace it with a new one – a global one. This is their cunning plan but it won’t work out quite that way. They missed a wee mistake when they released the Internet to the masses. There are too many of us who are aware of the greater agenda.

This year will not be a repeat of last year. It will be far more interesting than that.


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  2. How’s it going DM? Scary thought or what? Not much point worrying about my cholesterol levels if that baby cooks off.

    I hope George Ure over at UrbanSurvival.com is wrong on this one. He mentions the Alta linguistic data points to the possibility of 2 billion refuges on the move and this would be in the right order of magnitude for it.

    It is good to see you posting over at LV’s place again (and thanks for the plug). Your voice has been missed and their lots of petty bickering from certain quarters.


  3. HistorysBunkBunkBunk23 January 2010 at 14:50

    Hiya Chucky,

    Thanks for your Bingo! comment over at LesV's blog. Positive feedback now and then is appreciated.

    I missed whatever was going on with the removed by author comments as they were gone by the time I paid a visit back there. Maybe they were about the jew and maybe not. I like Les's blog and the way Les writes; whether he continues to allow comments which name the jew remains to be seen. I don't see much point to a Truth blog that doesn't name them - at least in the Comments section, if not in the blog author's essay.

    I've been researching a great deal of suppressed history for some years on the net, ever since the day I clicked a link and a page opened up which revealed that three skyscrapers collapsed into dust at the WTC on 9/11.

    Three? THREE?? WTF???

    Like so many, many millions I had never heard of WTC Building 7, Lucky Larry Slimeystein, the towers collapsing at free fall speed, etc, until that day.

    Many things have come into view from there - a 757 (cunningly disguised as a Cruise missile by those crafty old Arabs) successfully impacting one of the world's most heavily guarded and camera-surveilled buildings whilst completely unmolested by any pesky US Air Force fighters, nor filmed by any of the dozens of Pentagon surveillance cameras, and then just for good measure that huge "jet" did the convenient thing and dematerialized itself into atomic particles upon impact, along with the "passengers". The Miracle of the Pentagon! All it was missing was a couple of burning Bush's; shame, that - Always handy to have a burning Bush or two around a miracle.

    Anyway, it has been from that day on that I learned what a brilliant tool the Internet is for researching so much of the suppressed Truth, as well as the twisted history and Big Lies coming out of the jews feminization tube plugged into the living room wall my entire adult life.

    Hell, I even came to realize that the goddamned thing IS a feminization tube, besides being their primary means of anti-me-and-you propaganda dissemination. Since tossing it in the dumpster I've not missed their sick bullshit. I feel sure it is quite at home down in a muddy hole at the garbage dump with the rest of the trash.

    The first benefit of that action was having a lot more time to devote to net research now I lived in a feminization-tube-free zone.

    So, the one thing I continued to find as I worked my way through the net's many real Truth sites (fell for a few of the now more obvious shill sites early on) was the jew - over and over and over, ad nauseum.

    At the bottom of every steaming pile of lying shit you find them - if you do the research while the net is still relatively uncensored by them.

    What I have tried to do with my comments here, at Les's, Incog's, etc, is to say something that may help one more person to begin using the net as the superlative research tool it is, before it's locked down by the jews bastard traitors in all Western governments.

    If a critical mass of people wake up in time there is hope, I think. If not, we are back where we were pre-Internet days - lies, lies, lies and more goddamned lies 24/7.

    I will do some research on that Defamation program you recommend and see what I come up with. Maybe where you live you get some unpropagandized tv, not the case here.


    History IS Bunk

  4. Hello there History Is Bunk. Wow 2 posters on the same blog – that sets a new record for me I think (grin).

    You are spot on. When we take Morpheus’s red pill of truth we have absolutely no idea just how deep the rabbit hole truly is. I read a book years ago by Harlan Ellison called “The Glass Teat”. He wrote it in the 1960’s and correctly saw where TV was heading and the implications for us all.

    The hidden hand of the Pharisees is seen in play more and more with each passing day. The vile sacrifice of 3000 souls on 911 was a shocking display of their contempt for us all. And they have gotten away with it – so far.

    I admire LV and his site. I was a reader there for a long time before wading in and joining in the discussion. It was the inspiration for me to add my voice to the choir of truthsayers.

    I have always had an approach where I try to help to bring others to the point where they can join in and add their opinion. I firmly belief that giving some positive feedback can go a long way in building confidence.

    It was with that in mind that I had a go at Veritas. Maybe I judged him wrongly but there has been a lot of sniping from certain posters recently. I don’t find it helpful in creating a movement. Seemingly that is just his method of expressing himself.

    I find writing a difficult medium to express myself in. I am more of a talker than a writer. Consequently I come across a bit stiff in my writing. Maybe he does too.

    I’ll keep an eye out for your posts over at Incogman. His blogs are usually pretty lively.


  5. Speaking of suppressed history.


  6. Spot on DM. That’s spooky but I’m in the middle of writing something –finally - on just that news. His keen intellect will be sorely missed.

    Speaking of news, I see that the WHO is trying to take up an outbreak of D225G “flu” in the states (North Carolina) and other places. These ghouls never give up.


    PS Feeling a bit at loose ends with LV on his travels. I wonder how the rest of his faithful followers are faring.